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We are a global independent management company, offering services that bring value to our clients through a holistic approach. We provide management services, fund administration and management solutions as well as real estate and wealth management advice to clients worldwide

Management Services

The Mauritian Global Business License 1 Company (GBC I), its Global Business License 2 Company (GBC II), the Mauritian Trust, its Foundation, the Protected Cell Company, the Mauritian Domestic Company and the Mauritian CIS structures are well adapted to procure a flexible yet efficient structure for any global business.
In our endeavour to bring the most effective and efficient solutions to our customers, we can very smoothly combine jurisdictions to set up holdings and subsidiary structures that deliver best suited domiciliations in response to our customers’ objectives.

To support and sustain the solutions we bring to our clients, Sinews Global Ltd provides the following services:

  • Incorporation of local and foreign entities and applications for all necessary licences and for facilities under specific schemes

  • Trusts and trustee services

  • Accounting, administration, domiciliation, and corporate as well as company secretarial services (including provision of local directors, preparation of financial statements, maintenance of statutory records and statutory filings)

  • Bank account opening and operation

  • Tax computations and filing of tax returns

  • Back-office services

  • Work and residence permit applications for expatriate staff

  • Structured finance and trade services International licensing and collection services

  • Human resources and payroll services

  • Registrar services

  • Pension Administration Services

Fund Management & Administration

Sinews Global Ltd, in collaboration with Fisconsult Fund Management Ltd, an entity duly licensed by the Financial Services Commission in Mauritius, provides Fund Management Services to both local and foreign schemes.
This structure is managed by a team of passionate, talented and dedicated professionals with a strong international network and an extensive experience in providing cross-jurisdictional high quality services related to fund management.

With regards to Fund administration, Sinews Global Ltd is duly licensed to procure complete, reliable and efficient fund administration services allowing clients to concentrate on their core business activities and identifying further business opportunities.

Sinews Global Ltd accompanies its customers from the initial stage of set-up and fund formation through:

  • Advice and guidance on fund set-up.

  • Our wide network of contacts (Banks, Custodians, Legal Advisors, Auditors, Tax Advisors).

  • Review of offering documents and other constitutional and corporate documents.

  Our Fund administration services include:

  • Provision of resident directors, MLRO, deputy MLRO, domiciliation and corporate secretary.

  • Secretary to the Board.

  • Book-keeping, accounting and preparation of Financial Statements.

  • Dealing with regulatory and statutory compliance matters including filing of returns.

  • Filing of quarterly and annual tax returns.

  • Dealing with internal and external Audit requirements.

  • Opening and managing bank accounts, custodian accounts and broker accounts.

  • Dealing with lawyers for finalization of Prospectus and Constitution.

  • Investor KYC and tracking source of funds.

  • Maintenance of Share Register.

  • Dealing with investors and investor queries.

  • 4-eyes review principle in all deliverables.

  • Application of Tax Residency Certificates.

  • Preparation of NAV (daily or monthly depending on the Fund).

  • Calculation of Fund Accounting and Custody fees 

Wealth Management

Our strength regarding wealth management lies in our network of specialised asset and wealth management partners. We assist in your choice of trustworthy finance and insurance professionals.
Mauritius has succeeded in positioning itself as an alternative financial centre. The country is robust and its jurisdiction is safe and confidential. The level of service in Mauritius is competent and the local financial structures and partners are consistently improving their service offerings to match the level of service in established jurisdictions like Luxembourg.

Accordingly, it has become appropriate to offer such services and products to our customers.

To this end, we provide the necessary guidance you need including personalised advice to enable you to best manage your wealth. We assist in growing wealth through judicious choices of growing but safe financial products and efficient tax planning.

We establish investment profiles based on our careful and deep understanding of your needs and your degree of risk aversion.

Being an independent service provider, we give the best possible advice and bring the confidence and transparent insight you need to make your investment decisions.

Our independent network is exhaustively utilised to enable the selection of the most appropriate banks and wealth managers you require to structure your investments in Luxembourg and abroad.

Merger & Acquisition

Our Group’s lasting operation in fiduciary and management services has led us to constitute a team of 50 qualified financial and legal colleagues capable of delivering both domestic and cross-border M&A advisory support and transactions. Our long established presence in both Europe and Mauritius signifies that our cross-border delivery draws on an extended Euro-African network that has access to strategic buyers, financial institutions and M&A candidates. As often, our independence further enables us to bring outside technical expertise on discussions tables whenever needed.

Real Estate

Our Real Estate exposure is international. Our team can help you optimise and grow your real estate portfolio.

With our expertise and know-how we assist in the following fields:

  • Real Estate strategic planning.

  • Optimising Management of your real estate portfolio.

  • Project management and rental administration.

  • Asset Tax optimisation.

  • Wealth maintenance and development.

  • Office developments.

  • Management of investments in property acquisitions and sales, constructions and renovations.

  • Management of claims.

  • Accounting for real estates.

  • Real state assessment and valuations.

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